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Happening in… Issue 941

“Here we celebrate the Torah that was already studied”


Happening in…Chicago

Rav Avrohom Hersh Wosner shlita, the Satmar Dayan from Monsey, flew in to Chicago to conduct an in-depth farher on the halachos of taaruvos and basar b’chalav for the yungeleit of the Chicago Chassidishe Kollel. Afterward, the dayan shared the following thought.

“Last week,” he said, “I was at a hachnassas sefer Torah. The dancing was lively, and the atmosphere joyful, as it should be. Bringing a sefer Torah to a new home is always a great simchah.”

The Rav paused then smiled. “But that,” he continued, “is the simchah of a Torah that will be studied. Here we celebrate the Torah that was already studied.”

And the newly minted musmachim shared a l’chayim, proud to be the subjects of a most joyous hachnassas sefer Torah.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 941)

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