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Happening in… Issue 930

“You do anything for a talmid


Cincinnati’s frum community has been experiencing a surge of growth, with numerous new families moving in each year. Now it seeks to grow by reaching out. This past Sunday, the Cincinnati Jewish Experience (CJX) held its launch event, with Rabbi Eitan Feiner as keynote speaker.

Pictured above is Rabbi Feiner with Mr. Steve Rosedale, who has been a longstanding pillar of the Cincinnati community, and Rabbi Seth Cook, a talmid of Rabbi Feiner’s and a highly talented kiruv rabbi who was hired to run the CJX together with his wife Lisa. When Rabbi Feiner,  whose shul numbers 650 members, was asked how he could take time off the week before Rosh Hashanah to fly to Cincinnati, his response was simple.

“You do anything for a talmid,” he said.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 930)





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