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Game Time!

Text and styling by Esther Ottensoser
Photography by Sina Mizrahi and Leah Schuster

The Sweetest Dreidel Game

Photography by Sina Mizrahi

While this game might remind you of KerPlunk, the object is actually the opposite! The goal here is to remove the sticks from the basket while dropping the most candy possible.

You will need:
  • wire basket (the one shown here is from Dollar Tree)
  • candy, in different sizes
  • dowels — for this basket, ¼-inch diameter by 12-inch-long dowels were a good fit (available on Amazon or from Amazing Savings)
  • markers
  • wooden dreidel (the one I used had a different color letter on each side; you can also use a blank dreidel and color each side a different color)
Set-Up instructions:

Color the ends of the dowels to coordinate with the colors of the dreidel.

Begin filling the basket with candy, adding sticks as you go to form a lattice “web” that holds the candy in place. Repeat this step 2–3 times until the basket is mostly full. (I filled it about two-thirds of the way.)

Carefully turn the basket over. It’s a good idea to do this with another person so the sticks don’t fall out in the process.

Directions for Playing:

Going around the table, each player spins the dreidel and removes one of the sticks in the color that he/she spun. The player gets to keep any of the candy that falls out during his turn. (No shaking allowed as the basket is lifted.)

Balancing Coin Game

Photography by Leah Schuster

This game may look easy, but once the competition begins, the adrenaline kicks in, and the pressure mounts, it’s quite challenging to keep things steady and balanced!

You will need:
  • 2-ounce containers
  • ¼-inch-wide elastic
  • several bowls of coins
Set-Up instructions:

Using a sharp, pointed knife, cut two holes in the bottom of a container (approximately 1–112 inches apart).

Thread elastic through the holes and knot it to make a bracelet. Repeat for the second hand. (Depending on ages of the players, you may need to prepare a few different sizes.)

Directions for Playing:

Divide players into teams or each person can play on their own. Place the bracelets on hands and place the bowls of coins in front of each player. Pick up coins from the bowl and place them into the container on your opposite hand, without losing the ones you already have!

Object of the game:

Choose one of the following, or change the object for each round of the game.

  1. Player has to get a certain amount of money into each container (for example, $0.87 into the right container, $1.28 into the left container). The first person/team to get it correct is the winner.
  2. Set timer to 30 to 60 seconds. The player who gets the most money into their containers wins; or a player has to place a certain type of coin into each container (for example, nickels in one, pennies in the other). Winners get to keep the money.

DIY Decals

Photography by Leah Schuster

Create your own decals by following the steps of this easy and fun activity. Your homemade decals can then be placed on items such as cups, clipboards, loose leafs, windows, etc.

You will need:
  • magazines
  • clear packaging tape
  • credit card
  • cups, clipboard, etc.

Cut out quotes, slogans, words, letters, or pictures from a magazine. Stick your chosen word or picture face down on a piece of packaging tape and submerge it in water for a couple of minutes.

Remove from water and place the word or picture right side up on your work surface.

Using a credit card, rub the plastic in a back-and-forth motion.

Flip the tape over and rub the paper off.

Using a pair of scissors, cut around the tape, leaving a small border (about 1814 inch) around the picture.

Apply the decal wherever you would like to place it. In certain instances, you may need to place extra tape over the decal.

Note: These decals have a more unfinished, sporty look, as opposed to neat and perfect.

Tip: The cups shown here are called “skinny tumblers” and are available on Amazon. Another nice, inexpensive option is 22-ounce stadium cups with lids (10/$17.98).


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 822)

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