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Esrog Challah

Esrog Challah

You gotta love my sister Basya. After she got one too many messages from her acquaintances with pictures of the apple challah I featured last year, on Erev Succos she sent me a picture of her esrog challos with a message, “Ha ha — I made esrog challos!” So… here they are. Thank you, Basya! 


  • challah dough
  • egg wash
  • yellow food coloring
  • small oval pans
  • cloves
  1. Add approximately 10 drops of food coloring per egg to your egg wash.
  2. Place an oval-shaped piece of challah dough in your pan and stick a clove in.
  3. Start baking the challah, then brush the challah with the egg wash halfway through the baking time. This will keep the egg wash from turning brown.

Tip: Bake the challos on the bottom rack of your oven to prevent them from turning too dark.

(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 712)

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