Abby Delouya B.A, B.Ed, MFT

Abby Delouya, B.A., B.Ed., MFT earned her Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Education degrees from McGill University and holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Abby is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) and maintains a private practice in Montreal, Canada where she lives with her husband and children. Prior to becoming a therapist, Abby was an English teacher, and she still loves all things “reading and writing”.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
“Why don’t you just yell at me? Tell me I’m wasting your time? That I’m a horrible mother and wife, and I should just get divorced and leave everyone well alone?”
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Wednesday, August 07, 2019
“So, it’s pretty awkward for me to come here as I know you’ve spoken to my husband.”
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019
" I’ve been on a constant roller coaster ride, trying to be present for my kids at home; helping my mother with everything from doctor’s appointments to shopping; making Yamim Tov ...
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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
She needs space, he craves connection — can this marriage survive?
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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Goal: Help Dina overcome her feelings of quiet desperation and low mood that interfere with her ability to experience joy. Tools used: Solution Focused Brief Therapy
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
“I actually like being home now. It’s crazy!”
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Wednesday, November 07, 2018
Everything is really good,” she took a breath, bracing herself. “But I can’t stay alone.” She slumped back on the couch
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
For many of us, home is part of our self-definition. That’s perhaps why moving shakes our inner world, stirring up anxiety and trepidation in some situations, or triggering hope a ...
Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Awareness dawned. In seven hours, my entire family would be gathering for my mother’s levayah, and there was a chance t ...