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“Al Zos Shibchu Ahuvim”

"The highlight for me was when they sang 'Al Zos' ” 


“AL ZOS SHIBCHU AHUVIM” (Ma Navu). When I first met my wife’s family after our engagement, I was invited to a family Chol Hamoed kumzitz. My wife’s family are known for their attachment to mesorah, especially when it comes to niggunim. Yet the highlight for me was when they sang “Al Zos.” Even though it is not rooted in their yekkish mesorah, it had become part of the repertoire. When we invite our Emanuel cousins who are in yeshivah in Gateshead for Shabbos meals, we’re still singing “Al zos shibchu ahuvim…”

—Gershon Klyne



(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 870)

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