Abie’s Ki Lecha Tov Lehodos


Which of Abie’s songs never got the attention it deserved?


i Lecha Tov Lehodos.” It was one of Abie’s very first compositions, thanks to Judge Noach Dear, who in 1971 founded a band called Clei Zemer (he’d been a Pirchei singer as a kid) and asked Abie to contribute some songs for his album. The niggun also appeared on the 1975 Shivat Tzion album with Rabbi Motty Kornfeld, and was included on JEP II to the words of “Times of Joy.” It was a big hit at the time and is still a great song, but most people have no idea that Abie was the composer.

—Sheya Mendlowitz

Still on Fire

Ki Lecha
Abie Rotenberg