Yisroel Besser: My most moving ‘Abie Lyric’

We ignored our grief, to the world’s disbelief and never, no never stopped learning, from “Lulei Sorascha” [Journeys 3].


here was no time in history when these words weren’t true. Every bochur, every yungerman, every balabos who fights off stress and pain and worry to learn Torah is part of that miracle. Just look around, especially over the last month, and you see that that’s really our essence — a nation that has never, no never, stopped learning. The ahavas haTorah that pulsates through the song — Rava farvos haltz du nisht vi Abaye — is the sound of an open Gemara, a hot tea and good chavrusa.

—Yisroel Besser

Still on Fire

Lulei Sorasecha
Abie Rotenberg