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A Heaping Scoop: Perfectly Cooked Salmon

Healthy Fruit Ices

Sometimes, I divide a large jar of unsweetened applesauce into little clear cups (the 4-oz containers that come with lids). I mix in strawberry or peach extract, then freeze them for a healthy treat. Remove from the freezer five minutes before serving to soften a bit. (btw, it takes quite some time for the kids to eat these ices — which is great, as it keeps them busy and happy!)

—Faigy Grossman

FT, help me!!

What’s your secret to perfectly cooked salmon? 

Our son Tzvi’s method is to season and pan-sear salmon, and I recently tried it and was thrilled with the results. The trick is not to move the fish around, and to cook it skin side down until it’s more than halfway done, then flip and cook a couple more minutes (I lightly cover with foil after I flip it to help keep the heat in the pan). Combining that with my famous salmon sauce yields a multi-generational knockout salmon. Make sure to drizzle the pan juices over the fish after you remove it from the pan!

As for the sauce, here’s the backstory: I once had to bake salmon for about 60 people with very little time or money for fancy ingredients. I mixed together a full bottle of Pesachdig sweet glaze and a smaller bottle of Pesachdig teriyaki that I had on hand, poured it over the salmon, and baked it in an industrial oven at 350°F for about 15 minutes. People raved about it, and I’m still being asked for the recipe. (Yes, that was enough sauce for over 60 small pieces!) Bottom line: mix a sweet and savory sauce for a new take on salmon sauce!

—Sarah Faygie Berkowitz

Must Try

I recently bought Trader Joe’s black pepper grinder for the first time, and I love it. The difference in taste (and smell!) in my food is really amazing! I’m just a regular home cook who likes to cook good food for my family. It’s a much fresher, stronger taste, especially in salads. The only con is that it can’t be used on Shabbos. If you don’t own one yet, give it a try!

—Sara Gold

Just Sayin’

What’s an unusual food combo that’s shockingly delicious?

There are few people in my friend and family circle who don’t know about my love for carmelized pineapple and artichoke brick oven pizza. The combo of briny vegetables with the sweet fruit is perfect on hot crispy dough. Most people make a face when I place the order, but then they end up trying a tiny bite (only nibbles, it’s my pizza we are talking about). I’ve recruited a few naysayers, but I still won’t share.

—Chaia Frishman

Ok, Quick:

What’s a food you were exposed to during your travels that has made its way into your repertoire?

Milk tart from South Africa, pad thai from Thailand, and a bánh mi sandwich from Vietnam!

—Naomi Nachman


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 850)

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