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A Heaping Scoop: Grill Marks

In a Nutshell:

Fruity Ice Cream

Here’s my new favorite quick and easy dessert. Blend 3–4 cups frozen fruit in a food processor. Add 1 tub softened Mehadrin vanilla ice cream and process until smooth and creamy and freeze. My favorite combo is cherry and blueberry or cherry and cranberry. I top it with some granola and pomegranate arils.

I’ve also made mango, kiwi, and passion fruit with great success.

To be fancy, you can make three colors and serve it in three small scoops in glassware!

—Faigy Grossmann

FT, help me!!

I always get such nice grill marks on the first side of grilled chicken but never on the second side. Why?

Here’s a classic response: It depends. The thinner your chicken breast, the faster it cooks.

For those beautiful, appetizing grill marks, the meat needs to be in contact with the heat. The longer the contact, the deeper the char. But you don’t want to leave your chicken on for too long because overcooked chicken is dry and no one wants dry chicken. So for beautiful grill marks, turn up the heat. The higher heat will char the chicken faster. Then flip it over and grill until just cooked through. Emphasis on just cooked through. You’ll need to experiment with the thickness of your cuts and how deep the grill marks you want.

In other words, the reason you’re not getting nice grill marks is because you’re either not cooking the chicken enough on the second side, your heat isn’t high enough, or your chicken is so thin that you’ll overcook it if you attempt grill marks. You may need to adjust one of the elements (thicker chicken breast, higher heat, or longer cooking).

(P.S. Insider’s tip: Don’t compare your grill marks to the recipe’s photo. Those grill marks are often achieved through styling techniques.)

—Sina Mizrahi

Just Sayin’

What’s your “I-have-nothing-in-the-house” lunch?

Either I’ll take a vanilla Greek yogurt and add in about a teaspoon of natural peanut butter, many shakes of cinnamon, a handful of Bran Flakes, granola, or crushed nuts, and some pomegranate seeds. It’s filling and literally feels like you’re eating a dessert. Or I’ll make myself a crispy sunny side up over a bed of lettuce, cucumber, and tomato (that I cut directly on the plate so I don’t dirty a cutting board, G-d forbid) with Caesar dressing. I’ll let the runny yolk mix in with the veggies and dressing. It’s yum.

—Sima Kazarnovsky

Ok, Quick:

What’s your favorite restaurant in Lakewood?

For fleishig, Entrée or CharQ.

—Rivky Kleiman


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 832)

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