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A Blank Canvas

Labels designed by Leah Borenstein, omgdesign@aol.com

This idea is perfect for crafters. It’s a great way to use those scrapbooking papers that fill the aisles of your local craft store. From pretty to cutesy to artsy, there are so many great choices. Match up any packaged items for a winner mishloach manos. Design it your way by covering the entire board with paper or just part of it. Add ribbons and tags to complete the look.

You will need:
  • flat canvas (I used an 8x10-inch canvas)
  • scrapbooking paper (available at any craft store; the ones used here are from Hobby Lobby)
  • food to match the scrapbooking paper
  • glue dots or shrink-wrap, to secure the items in place
  • ribbon
  • tags (I used a tag puncher)

Cover the canvas with scrapbooking paper, completely or partially.

Arrange the food items and secure them with glue dots, shrink-wrap, or both.

Add ribbon and tags.


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(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 883)

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