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Treasure Hunt: Chapter 3

“Here.” The captain tossed an ancient map onto Tuvia’s lap. “This is the island of my dreams"


uvia understood that he was in a very dangerous situation. He was on this journey to the mysterious Lost Island with the rest of the crew whether he liked it or not. And it sounded like a fight between the captain and John was imminent, which didn’t bode well for any of them.

“Snooping around my cabin, eh, boy?”

“I-I’m sorry, Captain! I didn’t hear you coming!”

“Ha! And that’s supposed to make your actions acceptable, boy? You’re standing in my cabin, reading my private journals! Get out, scoundrel, or I’ll take out the whip we keep for insubordinates and have you flogged 39 times!”

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving!”

“Wait…. Stop, boy. Turn around and have a seat.”


“Stop twisting your fingers. Don’t be so nervous. I’m not going to hurt you.”


“You’ve already read my journal, so there’s no point in hiding anything from you anymore. Let’s have an open discussion. I need your help, anyhow, and you can definitely use mine. Ask me whatever you’d like and I’ll try to provide the answers. Then, I have a request to make of you.”

“Fine. My first question is, when are you going to bring me home? My island isn’t far away and my parents are still alive. I’m sure they think I’m dead by now! Our ship was attacked at sea by ruffians and I didn’t manage to get off in time.”

“I’m not taking you home, boy. I’m on a mission to find the Lost Island and nothing’s going to delay me. Nothing. Not even your moving plight. Next question.”

“What is the Lost Island?”

The captain took a deep breath and steadied himself. His one good eye came to life, gleaming with excitement and wonderment.

“Here.” The captain tossed an ancient map onto Tuvia’s lap. “This is the island of my dreams. Feast your eyes on the Lost Island, a place no man has ever set foot on except one: Hernan Corent. He was an explorer who went missing during a long voyage. He was assumed dead by everyone, even his own family. But then a letter arrived in his hometown bearing his handwriting and his signature. In it Hernan revealed that he was very much alive and well. He claimed he had found a lost island, a place brimming with more treasures than any human being could ever possibly dream of. He said he did not want to be found, and that the journey to this island was so difficult that nobody who valued their lives could ever successfully make it in one piece.”

“Wow, so whoever finds the island will be the richest person on earth?”

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 799)

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