| The Gadol Down the Block: Shavuos 5782 |

The Gadol Down the Block: Shavuos 5782

Glimpses of greatness in our backyards

Project Coordinator Rachel Bachrach

The whole world turns to them for questions of life and death, they arbitrate the most complex halachic quandaries, their door is open to people from all over who come for brachos and encouragement, and every spare moment is utilized for learning and teaching Torah and refining their own sterling character. But they don’t live in an ivory tower separate from the people they serve: Perhaps a gadol lived across the street from you and you remember playing in his yard and the cookies the Rebbetzin doled out. Perhaps he’d pass you on the street and give you a brachah that would make your day.

Either way, you were a privileged VIP.

But really, isn’t everyone?


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 913)

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