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he Time Is Now

Atara Malach is the author of A Working Mother’s GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for the Modern Working Mom and creator of the online GPS parenting program, is a psychotherapist and PCC who has been practicing internationally for over 30 years.

Raising a family while juggling building a practice and investing in academic degrees, I was always waiting for the perfect moment to play a game with my children (when the house was clean) or visit grandparents (when the children were fed, bathed, and on their best behavior) or go to the park (when the weather was beautiful and everyone had done their homework.)

I realized too late that by waiting for the perfect moment I’d missed countless opportunities to create loving bonds and everlasting memories. Those perfect moments are few and far between. When we look back, we’ll see all the times we overlooked while waiting for the right time. Life is precious and fleeting. The perfect moment is right now!

Find the Good

Dr. Shula Wittenstein has been an individual and marital therapist and trauma specialist for 24 years, and is grateful for the privilege of living in Eretz Yisrael with her family.

Look for the good in other people, especially in Jews of all stripes and colors. Remember, we are all created b’tzelem Elokim, we are all His children. We need to create opportunities to highlight the good in those closest to us — our spouses and families. To ignite this attitude, let’s refocus our self-critical lens, and find the good in ourselves.

Work on Loving

Mrs. Yitti Bisk  teaches kallahs about relationships.

Work on your closest relationships, especially with your spouse. In addition to the benefits of a loving relationship — and there are so many — experiencing deep love gives us a glimmer of what Hashem’s love is for us. And when we appreciate how much Hashem loves us, we’ll love Him back and want to have a relationship with Him.

Love is Everything

Sara Chana Radcliffe M. Ed., C. Psych., is a psychologist in private practice in Toronto, Canada and a weekly columnist for Family First. She’s the author of several books on parenting.

Love is everything. Build love into every conversation and action.

Don’t Try to Understand

Ahava Ehrenpreis is an author and writer.

Don’t try to understand why or what happens in life… it’s unfathomable.

I might add, although it sounds corny, that positivity, even if it feels absolutely false, usually becomes reality.

Accept Help

Sheva S., Har Nof

There’s no contest for Miss Independence! When life throws you a curveball, ask for the help you need from the people around you, and accept their offers gladly. They’re genuinely happy to help.

Two added benefits: Accepting help will teach you how to better give when others are in need, and it will boost your belief in the goodness of society.

Do the Right Thing

Hanna Green, Far Rockaway

Sometimes we rationalize our half truths and semi lies. And most of the time these fibs and schemes tangle us into a web that ends with guilt. If we think an issue through and do the right thing — not what will be easiest for us — but what’s right, we go on with a lighter, guilt-free heart.

Most of us, if we really think things through, know what the right thing is. (And if you can’t figure it out yourself, ask a rav.)

My husband, a psychologist, always gives me this advice when I waver on choices. And even after 28 years of marriage, it still works!

Be Grateful for Success

Dina G., Yerushalayim

The more we’re aware that our successes have nothing to do with us, and the more we’re grateful for them, the calmer our life will be and the more energy we will have to deal with the challenges.

(Excerpted from Family First, Issue 677)

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