Sounds of Summer: Yisroel Lamm

Yisroel Lamm
Arranger, Aaron Teitelbaum Productions

The classic version of “Ani Maamin,” written by Yitzy Weisberg and Mutti Parness a”h, which was performed on Pirchei Volume III back in 1968. The melody is slow and warm, with long notes, and some high notes at the end of each part. This is reminiscent of the long, slow, hot days of summer, which are punctuated by a thunderstorm here and there. Also, part of the summer is taken up with the Three Weeks, when we mourn the Churban Beis Hamikdash, but more importantly, focus on the coming Geulah as well. The words of “Ani Maamin” are exactly what this time is all about.


 (Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 773)

Ani Maamin
Pirchei Choir
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