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Shimshon and the Golem, Part 2: Chapter 5

“This is a bad idea, my boy. Forget it. Leave the lion and let’s get out of here”



aruch cautiously crept forward, his eyes locked with the lion’s.

“Stay…” Baruch carefully looped a rope around the lion’s neck, sweat dripping down his face. “Calm.”

He tightened the rope and then led the lion to the closed gate.

“Sebastian. Let’s go.”

“This is a bad idea, my boy. Forget it. Leave the lion and let’s get out of here. There will be opportunities down the road.”

“No. There won’t. You know that better than I do. We have our chance, let’s take it.”

“This is madness.” Sebastian opened the gate and stepped back quickly as the lion came out, sniffing the air curiously.

Baruch tugged on the rope.

“This way.”

They crept down the hallway, listening for any sounds of patrolling guards.

They came up to the first guarded entrance, leading to the hallway that would take them to the side door of the east rooms of the palace.

Sebastian nodded at Baruch.

“Do it.”

Baruch loosened the rope and nudged the lion.


The lion rounded the corner as Baruch and Sebastian hid, holding on to the rope.

There were several screams. Soldiers ran for their lives as the lion roared and swiped at them.

“Pull!” Sebastian and Baruch pulled with all their might on the rope, reeling in the reluctant lion.

“Good job!” Baruch took out a piece of meat and fed it to the ferocious beast. “Keep this up and we’ll soon be free.”

A horn blasted somewhere in the palace. The alarm had been raised.

“We must keep moving, boy! This way!”

Another doorway loomed ahead. The guards scattered as the lion attacked.

This time, the lion turned angrily on Baruch and Sebastian when they restrained it. It bared its teeth angrily, growling loudly.

“More meat.” Sebastian wiped the sweat from his face. “Quick!”

Baruch threw the lion another slab, and it devoured it in one gulp.

Onward they raced, the sound of their own footsteps drowned out by the clanking of metal as troops quickly moved into formation to capture them. An arrow whizzed past Baruch’s ear. He ducked as they passed underneath a stone archway and arrived outside. From the ramparts, archers fired at them.

Several soldiers on horseback assembled on the narrow bridge leading to freedom, blocking their way.

“Release it!” Sebastian yelled. “It’s the only way!”

Baruch flung the rope off the lion’s neck, and it charged fearlessly at the riders on horseback. The horses panicked, rearing, sending their riders toppling off their backs into the moat.

More riders were arriving, reinforcements from every side.

The archers on the ramparts now focused their attention on the lion. With one last defiant roar, the ferocious beast rolled over, mortally wounded, and fell with a loud splash into the moat.

A rider galloped forward, spear outstretched toward Sebastian.

Baruch caught the spear with his strong hands and snapped the tip off. Another rider appeared behind him. He swung and rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding being trampled.

“Sebastian, jump!”


“It’s the only way!”

Baruch and Sebastian leaped onto the short wall and dove headfirst into the massive moat. The water was cold and murky. Baruch felt something brush against his arm…. In the dirty, dark waters he saw the slain lion floating past.

They swam underneath the drawbridge and pulled themselves onto dry land.

“No time to rest…” Sebastian croaked, on his hands and knees, coughing up water. “We need to get to your uncle’s house.”

“They’re coming.” Baruch pointed. “So many soldiers. Are you up to running?”

“Do I have a choice in the matter? Let’s run!”

Uncle Nathan awoke from the sound of banging on his front door. He raced to the door and peered through the peephole.


The door swung open and Nathan pulled his nephew inside and slammed the door.

“Baruch! I don’t believe this! What are you doing here? How—?”

More banging on the door caused Nathan to leap into the air in fright.

“It’s okay, he’s with me.”

Baruch opened the door and Sebastian stumbled inside, collapsing onto the floor, grasping his chest. “My heart—”

Two servants appeared.

“Drinks and food.” Nathan gestured toward Sebastian. “And help him to a bed, please.”

“Tell me what’s going on.” Nathan led Baruch to the long dining room table and sat him down.

Baruch told him everything.

“Incredible…. Truly a neis. Even a man-eating lion can save a person, if Hashem so chooses. Everything and anything can be Hashem’s shaliach.”

Baruch nodded.

“Well, you can’t stay here. We have to find someplace they won’t look. You need to lay low until they give up searching for you.”

“I can’t hide anywhere, uncle. I need to find Shimshon. He needs my help.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You just barely escaped with your life. You need to rest, stay out of sight, and wait until your escape becomes old news. They’ll have drawings of your face posted throughout the kingdom. Anyone will be able to recognize you. There’ll be a handsome reward for anyone who turns you in.”

“I need to find Shimshon.” Baruch stood up.

“Sit down, Baruch. What are you thinking? You’re going to run off into the night right this moment? Eat, drink, and I’ll work on finding you a hiding place. Shimshon does need help, no doubt, but we must proceed with wisdom, not haste.”

Food was placed at the table.

“How’s his friend faring?” Nathan asked one of the servants.

“He’ll be fine. Just exhausted. We put him in a bed and he fell right asleep.”

“Can I have a small pouch, please?” Baruch asked.

“A pouch? What do you need that for?” Nathan raised his eyebrows.

One of the servants brought a pouch to Baruch.

Baruch put some food inside, closed it, then stood up.

“You can’t be serious….” Nathan stood up as well. “At least wait until we have a plan. I can arrange for people to travel with you—”

“There’s no time. I can… I  feel it in my bones. Shimshon is in danger and every second I waste here means I cannot help him.”

Baruch walked to the door, peered through the peephole, then opened it.

Nathan took a sword from the wall and threw it to him. Baruch caught it in one hand.

“May Hashem watch over and guard you.”

“Amen. Thank you, Uncle. For everything.”

Baruch locked eyes once more with his uncle, then turned and fled into the night.

To be continued… 


(Originally featured in Mishpacha Jr., Issue 970)

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