S.O.S. (Save Our Seder!)

Give your Jewish brothers and sisters a true taste of freedom. 

Invite them to your Seder. 

Let all who are hungry (for Torah and tradition) come and eat (and learn and enjoy.)

Call the Exodus Express outreach project: 1-800-4EXODUS


A brief conference with her husband a lengthy phone call to Exodus Express and it was all settled: The Bernsteins would host the Handlemans a secular Jewish family with two children for the first days. This wouldn’t be the first time the Bernsteins had hosted non-religious guests but it was the first time they’d be hosting on Pesach. 

“Be sure to tell them not to bring us any cake for dessert” Mr. Bernstein had only half-joked with his wife before she called Mrs. Handleman directly to make the final arrangements. 

“Leave it to me” she assured him. 

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