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There are many reasons we wind up in the kitchen over Chanukah, either to make latkes and doughnuts for the many parties we’re hosting or attending, or as an activity for the kids on their Chanukah break. Here are some products to enhance the Chanukah kitchen experience, as well as serving as nice gifts for this time of year.

A | Doughnut Shaper 

Okay, here’s how to, and how not to, make doughnuts. I’ve tried many doughnuts in my day, and I’ve proven successful and unsuccessful simultaneously. My success? The recipe I use for my doughnuts. I buy pizza dough and fry it. And don’t worry about the sweetness; you add confectioners’ sugar or a simple glaze, and it’s perfectly sweet. But when I throw a ball of dough into the oil, it always comes out gooey in the middle. My next attempt is with the second batch, when I fry it for longer. Lo and behold, the inside is nice and fluffy (yay), but the outside is as hard as a coconut shell. That’s why I advise buying this doughnut shaper for successful doughnut making.

Available on Amazon.com ($11.19)

B | Monogrammed Mug 

These adorable mugs make a great gift to a friend — or to yourself!

Available on Anthropologie.com ($9.95)


C | Acrylic Doughnut Stand 

Successfully made those doughnuts? Pass them on as a gift for a party or anything else. Present them on one of these acrylic doughnut stands.

Available on Amazon.com ($13.38 for 4)


D | Strainer for Frying 

A simple product, yet I have never owned a strainer like this. It makes frying doughnuts and latkes a little easier.

Available on Amazon.com ($7.99)


E | Splatter Screen 

This splatter screen for frying comes in four different sizes, helps keep the kitchen clean, and protects against oil burns.

Available on Amazon.com ($8.38)


F| Chocolate Coin Molds 

How festive is this, an activity for the kids that is so Chanukah oriented? Homemade chocolate coins.

Available on Amazon.com ($7.95)


G | Doughnut Injector 

This is for all of those who have successfully fried (or bought) doughnuts without holes in the middle. If you like jelly doughnuts — or any other filling — you can use this doughnut injector to fill your doughnuts to capacity.

Available on Amazon.com ($5.57)


H | Excellence Dark Chocolates (Pareve) 

Allow me to introduce you to the chocolates Montrealers are passionate about — Excellence Chocolates. Trust me when I say you’ve never tasted a pareve truffle until you’ve tasted these. You can find them in many major groceries in the Tristate area.

Available on Excellencechocolate.com


I | Stovetop Popcorn Popper 

A beautiful, functional kitchen item that I would love to own or to gift.

Available on CrateandBarrel.com ($39.95)


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 821)

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