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Never Thought Someone Could Live There   

        Believe it or not, some people actually call these places home!

Most of us live in ordinary places, with four solid walls and a sturdy roof. Maybe you know someone who lives super high up in a skyscraper or in a community where the closest neighbor is a 20-minute walk away. But have you ever heard of someone living in a floating village? Or in a cave? What about on the edge of a big cliff? Believe it or not, some people actually call these places home!



Perched hundreds of feet above crashing waves, the Cliffs of Bonifacio in Corsica, France, redefine living life on the edge — literally! Bonifacio is a beautiful seaside town on top of towering limestone cliffs, offering its visitors and residents amazing views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. These steep cliffs are not just a backdrop, they are the foundation for homes that look like they’re hanging dangerously over the precipice. Adventure is not just outside, it’s right at your doorstep! Bonifacio honestly sounds a bit scary to me, but hats off to anyone brave enough to call it home!


Imagine living in houses that don't just sit by the water but float on it year-round! In these incredible villages of tonle sap, cambodia, houses are built on stilts, and when the water rises during the "wet season" (may–october), they seem to glide on the water's surface. It's like having a front yard that transforms into a massive, watery playground. These floating homes are not just houses; they're a floating community, complete with schools, vegetable gardens, animal barns, restaurants, markets, and even basketball courts built on floating structures! "ma, i'm running out to catch the boat to school!" what a water wonderland!


Are you lucky enough to have a treehouse in your backyard? Well, in the Papua Province of Indonesia, the Korowai tribe actually live in them. Up in the rainforest trees on New Guinea island, these natives have built the coolest treehouse homes. Using natural materials, simple tools, and super climbing skills, the Korowai tribe situated their treehouses in Banyan and Wanbom trees, around 65–150 feet above the ground. That’s half as tall as the Statue of Liberty! The treehouses are accessed using long ladders, which can be pulled up to prevent unwanted guests from entering. These treehouses aren’t just for fun; they keep the tribe safe from mosquitoes, enemies, and floods in the rainforest. And get this — each tree home can comfortably fit up to 12 people! Definitely sounds like my type of home.


Ever heard of a place where the whole town lives in one gigantic building? Well, meet Whittier, Alaska, and the famous Begich Towers! It’s more than a regular building; it’s a massive structure that houses not just apartments but also a school, grocery store, laundromat, and even a post office, all under one super-sized roof! And get this — all your neighbors are just one elevator ride away! Why did they do this, you ask? Well, Whittier’s weather can be a bit challenging with lots of snow and rain, so the town, which now numbers about 200 people, decided it’s easier to face it all together in one big building. Talk about one big, bustling family Chanukah party — every day!


In the heart of Arizona’s desert, there’s a secret world where homes are cooler than you can imagine — cave houses! These unique dwellings are like cozy hideouts built right into the rocks, keeping you cool when the desert sun is shining its brightest. Wouldn’t you like to wake up in your very own fort, where the temperature is just right, and the walls are made of the earth itself? These underground marvels aren’t too small either; they have rooms carved into the rocks, making it feel like a big, cozy castle. One such property in Bisbee, Arizona, called the “Cave House,” is a nearly 3,000-square-foot-home carved out of the rock on the side of a mountain, occupying 37 acres of land, including a two-level guesthouse and a studio.  And though when you think “cave” you may think primitive and old-fashioned, this cave house features modern appliances, built-in furniture, and a roomy, well-furnished interior. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to move!


(Originally featured in Treeo, Issue 995)

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