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Nechama S. in 50 words or less

"I love nature and beautiful scenery. The Alps are as un-NYC as you can get!"

Age: 17

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Loves: The outdoors and baking

Fun Fact: I have ten older siblings!

Shocked and thrilled when…. I received the job of “Head of Play” for the school play.


1. If you were given two tickets to go anywhere in the world for three weeks (outside the US and Eretz Yisrael) where would you choose to go, why?

I’d go to the Swiss Alps, because I love nature and beautiful scenery. The Alps are as un-NYC as you can get!

2. Who would get the second ticket, and why?

My friend Goldy! Because whatever we do together we just have a great time, even if it flops. We don’t actually even have to “do” anything — just sitting around discussing what we should do is fun. So spending three weeks in some remote place wouldn’t necessarily work out with everyone but would totally work with her.

3. Let’s say you can only bring one food with you for the entire three weeks, for breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks. What would it be?

Oh. Gosh. Three weeks? I think sushi. Can it be a bunch of different types, if I call them all sushi? If not, it would be cooked salmon avocado tempura. With all different sauces — that counts as part of the sushi. Because then you can eat it whole or take it apart and eat the components separately. Goldy would complain that we were missing the vegetables, but I’m not ready to put cucumber and carrots in my salmon avocado tempura roll.


4. If you could create your dream seminary, what would it look like?

It would be in Eretz Yisrael, but not in Yerushalayim. Don’t worry — we’d go to Yerushalayim every week. But it would be somewhere up North in a scenic, lush spot overlooking hills, not in a bustling city. There would be almost no tests, but tons of reports instead, and lots of workshops. Many of the classes and workshops would be given in Hebrew, and they’d be taught by the most amazing, special teachers. Many of the workshops would be about middos, living with people… things that prepare you for real life.

5. If you could un-quarantine and un-social distance the world for two hours, what would you do in those two hours?

I’d go out to eat in a restaurant with my entire family, all nieces and nephews included! Except that by the time everyone actually got there….


(Originally featured in Mishpacha Jr., Issue 815)

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