Eli Schwebel’s Last-Minute Decision


Every artist wants his album to be as perfect as can be, but sometimes he has to take a gamble. Is the song he’s deliberating over going to soar or flop? Is that last-minute replacement going to be dynamic or a sleeper? How do these entertainers know they made the right choice?

I Finally Got It

My song “Ani Yosef” from the Hearts Mind album was rewritten about five times. Each time, I left the song, and when I revisited it, it needed changes. The fifth time, we were almost up to recording when I rewrote the song again. I showed it to Yossi Green, but really I already knew myself that this was it — I had gotten it right.

--Eli Schwebel

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 768)


Ani Yosef
Eli Schwebel
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