Jr. Tales: An A-Mazing Time

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T all stalks of golden wheat waved in the breeze as the family drove along the winding country roads. Pressing their noses against the car windows Chaya and Eli bounced up and down in their seats eager to arrive at the farm.
“Look at the cows!” Chaya pointed at the black-and-white animals grazing among the endless rows of grass. “Yay!” Chaya and Eli cheered. “Finally!”
As they drove up to the farm they saw many horses and cows sauntering around in a large fenced-in field. Farmer Fishel clad in a broad-rim straw hat and blue overalls welcomed them.
“Now y’all have fun in the corn maze ” he said handing them their tickets “but it’s a good idea to stick together. It can get pretty confusing out there.”
Mommy and Tatty glanced at Chaya and Eli knowingly and the kids peered back their faces a picture of innocence.
“Why are you looking at us like that?” they asked lifting their hands in a questioning gesture.
“The corn maze is right around the corner ” Farmer Fishel directed tipping his hat. “Just follow the signs.”
“Here we are ” Tatty announced and they started down the trail flanked by huge green stalks of corn.
The trail sloped up and to the right and Eli and Chaya bounded ahead until they hit a towering wall of corn stalks. Braking to a halt they waited tapping their feet impatiently until their parents showed up a few minutes later.
“Hmm which way?” Mommy wondered.


"This way!” Eli and Chaya pointed in opposite directions and Mommy and Tatty chuckled.
“Okay to the left everyone ” Tatty decided following Eli’s lead. “Next time it will be Chaya’s choice.
“Ready get set go!” Eli dashed down the path with Chaya hot on his heels.
“Phew!” Chaya panted jumping over some stray stalks. “Which way now?”
Once again two paths appeared one veering to the right and one to the left.
“Tatty agreed to go my way now ” Chaya remembered. “So let’s go right.”
Eli peered back over his shoulder but their parents were nowhere in sight. He shrugged. “Ma and Ta should be here any minute. So that’s a good idea. Then they’ll know where to find us.”
And off to the right they swerved moving ahead at high speed until once again a massive wall of corn stalks blocked the way.
“Which way now?” The words came out of their mouths at the same time.
A swishing noise caught their attention.
“Are there snakes in here?!” Chaya gasped taking a step back and folding her arms tightly around her body.
“Chicken ” Eli teased and Chaya stuck out her tongue.
But when the swishing got louder even he jumped. (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr. Issue 688)

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