From the time the building at Rechov Chazon Ish 5 in Bnei Brak was constructed. Rav Aharon Leib Steinman ztz”l, who was 41 at the time, was the most famous of the building’s residents, while Reb Moshe Yehuda Levenstein and his wife were a young couple who had just gotten married. (Their upstairs neighbors were Rav Elyashiv’s daughter and her husband, Rav Yosef Yisraelson, and Rav Yitzchak Grodzinski, whose father was Rav Avraham Grodzinski Hy”d and whose three famous brothers-in-law were Rav Chaim Kreiswirth, Rav Shlomo Wolbe, and Rav Baruch Rosenberg.)