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Flashback — Lifetakes: A Meager, Marvelous Offering, Issue 442

My luchos are crude and homely and uninspiring

Where am I today? I've been sent out of the Garden of Eden. I'm no longer a neshamah'leh being spoon-fed by angels. I no longer merit prophetic visions in the Red Sea, nor miracles of  magnitude. The bliss of shanah rishonah has dissipated, giving way to misunderstandings and misgivings and inertia.

Now I am an ever-so-fallible human in a dry, brutal desert. My luchos are crude and homely and uninspiring. They were not hand hewn by G-d, nor delivered amidst thunder and lightning.

But — like the imperfect stone tablets residing in the holiest spot on earth — they are the ones that will forever remain whole.

A Meager, Marvelous Offering

(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 801)

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