F Is for Friendship: Mazes in Your Head

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L ast Succos my family took a trip to a farm. Hands down the most exciting part of the trip was the four-part corn maze that we stumbled through for two hours. For those who don’t know a corm maze is a walk through a tall cornfield with no signs pointing the way. There are just endless paths with lots of twists and turns and if you look forward backward or upward all you see are tall corn stalks. 

Good luck trying to find your way out which is pretty much the point of the maze to begin with.
Getting lost in corn mazes is supposed to be fun unless you’re like me who starts to panic when you can’t find your way out. Then corn mazes are not fun at all; they’re scary and claustrophobic and make me make me dizzy and nervous and kinda desperate to get out and feel like I’m going to throw up.
So I don’t plan on walking into any more corn mazes anytime soon. The problem is that right now I’m stuck in a different kind of maze and no matter where I turn I don’t know the right way to get out of it. 

The maze is in my head and in case you have no idea what I am talking about let me explain. Right now these are the thoughts running through my brain: 

Call Penina. Don’t call Penina. If you call Penina and apologize you’ll be admitting that you did something wrong and that will make her furious. If you don’t call her she’ll be furious anyway and possibly never forgive you. So call her. Don’t call he… and so on and so forth. 

If you’ve ever run a maze in your head I’m sure you’ll understand why my head currently feels like it’s split into two rocks grinding against each other.
And I’m stuck in the middle trying to figure out what to do. 


All of this drama began last Tuesday on the one day this year that Penina took off from school. Right after recess our teacher Miss Cooper made a grand announcement: “Girls ” she said her hands clasped together “I have some news for you.”
Her voice was stuffed with good cheer but her smile was not.
“Your Chanukah bulletin boards ” she said “are going to be due this week instead of next!” Her voice dropped. “We want all of the boards to be completely done in time for the Pre-Chanukah Mother-Daughter Fair.”
She paused and our classroom exploded.
Getting our bulletin boards done a week before we thought they had to be done… yeah not so possible. Our group immediately gathered in the back of the classroom to figure out what we were going to do. Sarah Leah the group leader looked at the work we had already done and made a quick decision.
“Change of plans ” she said. “We have to get rid of our original plan and come up with something that will get done quicker.”
I looked down at the gorgeous menorah Penina had started drawing on the gold oaktag.
She had already spent three days on it and was barely halfway done. (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr. Issue 688)

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