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Dobbie’s Trip

Quick as a wink, Miriam slipped Dobbie into her bag. After all, she couldn’t leave her dolly behind!

It was Miriam Morris’s birthday, and the little girl’s face was shining. Bubby had sent her a new doll. Miriam thought it was the most adorable doll she’d ever seen.

Miriam decided to name the doll Dobbie. It came down to breakfast every morning. It went to bed with her at night. When Miriam went to playgroup, she took Dobbie with her. The doll sat with all the other dolls and teddies. Miriam thought they kept each other company.

One day, Miriam brought home a note from Morah. Morah wrote that the children had been very good at cleaning up their toys. As a reward, they were going to Eli’s animal center.

“Wish I could come, too,” Moishy said. “You’ll get to see Tuki the parrot, and Manny the monkey. And all the other animals. What fun!”

“I know,” Miriam said. She did a little hop, skip, and jump. “I can’t wait!”

The day of the outing arrived at last. Just before leaving, Miriam quickly ran upstairs and grabbed Dobbie. But when Miriam came downstairs, Mommy shook her head.

“Put Dobbie back, dear,” she said. “You don’t want anything to happen to her.”

Then Mommy turned around to get her coat.

Quick as a wink, Miriam slipped Dobbie into her bag. After all, she couldn’t leave her dolly behind!

The children walked to Eli’s place in a nice line, with Morah and a helper. Soon they arrived — and oh, what a nice time they had!

They shouted, “Hello, Tuki!” They were thrilled when he screeched back, “Hello-hello-hello!”

After a while, everybody sat down on benches for a snack. They shrieked and ducked as Manny, passing by with Eli’s helper Izzy, threw a banana peel.

And all too soon it was time to go home.

“Line up, everyone,” called Morah.

Suddenly, there came a frantic cry. “Waaaaaa!” It was Miram Morris.

“What’s up?” asked Morah in concern.


Miriam was wailing so hard, no one could understand a word she said. Morah had to first calm her down. Only then did the story become clear.

Miriam had taken Dobbie out of her bag for some fresh air. She had put her down on an empty bench.

“I wanted to put her back in my bag,” Miriam cried. “But she’s gone!”

“Gone? What do you mean, gone?” asked Morah. “She probably just fell off the bench. Show me exactly where you put her.”

Morah went with Miriam to find Dobbie. The helper waited with the other children.

But they could not find the dolly anywhere.

The other children became impatient, and Miriam started wailing again.

Suddenly, they heard cheerful whistling. Who should appear, doing somersaults, but Jolly Solly the clown! He’d come to give Eli a hand. But when he heard Miriam’s wails, he rushed to see what the matter was.

Morah explained about the missing doll. The clown had a quick look around. Dobbie was nowhere to be seen.

“Hmm,” he said thoughtfully. “There’s nobody else here this morning, except your group. I’m sure she can’t have been stolen… aha!”

The clown turned around, as everybody watched.

“I thought it was you, you scamp!” he said, unlocking Manny’s cage. Manny the monkey had seen the doll on the bench earlier. He had grabbed her when no one was looking. Now he was holding Dobbie like a little baby. The doll’s clothes looked a bit crumpled. Her face was dirty where Manny had tried to feed her some banana. But other than that, she was fine.

In a jiffy, Jolly Solly took her from the monkey’s arms.

“I’ll clean her up,” offered Izzy, coming up. “Sorry about that. Manny must have grabbed her while we passed by.”

It was a tired but happy group of children that made their way home.

It had been a wonderful outing. But Miriam thought she’d leave Dobbie home next time.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha Jr., Issue 884)

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