Israeli Politics
Mishpacha, ISSUE 731-613
January 13, 2019

Whether or not long-shot candidate Yossi Deitsch will be voted in as mayor of Jerusalem inthe fast-approaching elections, he’s managed to change the parameters of the debate

Mishpacha, ISSUE 736-618
November 21, 2018

Last week’s runoff elections for Jerusalem’s mayor might have had an uninspired 31% voter turnout. But for the yeshivish activists who took to the streets, and for Rav Chaim Kanievsky himself, it was a basic question of kevod Shamayim.
The losers & the winners: A reporter’s notebook, looking from the outside in

Mishpacha, ISSUE 688-560
December 06, 2017

It took under five minutes. The minister gave an awkward nod and stepped off the stage. The applause wasn’t raucous, but it was genuine.

Mishpacha, ISSUE 681- 563
October 18, 2017

Gilad Erdan speaks frankly, in measured tones, and without spouting the clichés that politicians so often use. That has endeared him to Likud voters.

Mishpacha, ISSUE 675-557
August 30, 2017

Has the right-wing camp already chosen Netanyahu’s successor?,A Few Minutes with Naftali Bennett,Has the right-wing camp already chosen Netanyahu’s successor?

Mishpacha, ISSUE 663-545
June 07, 2017

Mishpacha Speaks With Tzipi Livni, Chairman of the Tenuah Party and Member of the Zionist Union

Mishpacha, ISSUE 660-542
May 17, 2017

Aryeh Deri has traveled a long road back to the leadership of Shas, yet, while the seat and the title may look familiar, it’s a wiser and warier Deri, struggling to keep his party relevant

Mishpacha, ISSUE 657-539
April 26, 2017

In a rare conversation, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu travels down the nostalgic route to describe a strength born of personal conviction and family values — and the rabbi who charged him to illuminate blackness with truth