Chelek Elokai | חלק אלוקה ממעל

A Spark of Hashem - Mamash!

The words of the Baal HaTanya are etched into the heart of our holy nation: "Every Jewish soul is literally a portion of Hashem." Sometimes it's difficult for us to feel it. Sometimes our actions may obscure the holiness at our core. But beyond the many layers of a dust that is infinitely simpler to wipe away than we could ever dare to imagine, abides the shining essence of the Jewish nation — a literal spark of Hashem. As Reb Joey reminds every Yid in this timeless track, "You have to know who you are." Don't get distracted by the externals. Wherever we may be, whatever we may have done - none of this has the slightest bearing on who we are. The tzaddik's words are not a metaphor that only functions as truth under certain circumstances. Each Yid is a cheilek Elokah mi'maal — Mamash! And nothing in the world could ever take that away. Let's dig deep together and reveal the G-dliness within!

נשמה נשמ׳לה טהורה׳לה נשמה טהורה היא חלק אלוקה ממעל ממש
יעדער יוד האט א שטיק באשעפער אין הארץ ער איז דאך א חלק אלוקה ממש
ספר התניא, ליקוטי אמרים פרק ב

Artist Ari Hill & Joey Newcomb
Composed by The Blumstein Brothers, RM
Produced by Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry


לר״ש דוד יוסף ‏אלימלך בן אלישבע הינדא

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 873)

Chelek Elokai
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