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Bentzi and the Mystery in the Museum: Chapter 13

“Raight here next to my house, an almost empty room…. This is wonderful! We can install shelves here and put up black wallpaper behind as a contrasting background, like I did at home. We’ll reopen my little museum!” Reb Nissan beamed, and suddenly he looked much younger. I immediately resolved to do everything I could to get permission from all the neighbors.

But then I remembered Asher, and my heart fell. I didn’t want to knock on his door again! “Let’s divide the job between us, each of us can talk to a few neighbors,” I suggested, planning to leave Asher’s floor to the others.

“But we don’t live here in this building,” Yoel objected. “Why would your neighbors agree if we do the asking? Bentzi, you have to ask all the neighbors, and if they agree, we’ll help with all the rest.”

I wanted to argue, but I knew he was right. I went home gloomily and told Batya and Tova about the latest developments.

“So why don’t you sound happy?” Batya asked. “Are you afraid the neighbors won’t agree?”

“I don’t feel like knocking on Asher’s again,” I admitted. “I don’t want him to think I’m still trying to make friends with him, when he’s so obviously not interested.”

“We can go instead of you,” Tova offered. “Right, Batya?”

“Sure,” Batya agreed immediately. “We also live in this building! We’ll ask all the neighbors, Bentzi. This part of the mission will be ours.”

“You’re the best sisters ever!” I exclaimed. “You don’t have to—”

“We want to!” said Batya. “Your famous club doesn’t have to do everything.”

I don’t know… Sometimes I think my secret club annoys Batya. [That’s not it. It’s just that Tova and I want to take part in the missions too! Batya]

The girls set out immediately, and returned with good news: All the neighbors who were at home had given their consent, including Asher’s family. [It was no problem. His mother is very nice. Batya]

Next day in school I brought Yoel and Yom Tov up to date. “Now we need only the permission of a few neighbors who didn’t answer their doors last night, and then we can go ahead.”

“Go ahead with what?” asked a voice behind me. I turned in alarm. Shuki! Why was he meddling in our business? He had other friends, he never had much to do with us. I was trying to think of an evasive answer when Yom Tov answered proudly, “With the museum!”

“What museum?” asked Shuki.

What was the matter with Yom Tov? Didn’t he understand? I stepped on his foot to signal him to shut up.

“Ouch!” cried Yom Tov. “Bentzi, you stepped on me!”

“Sorry,” I hissed, shooting him a meaningful look.

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 745)

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