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5 Things I Wish You Knew about Teens Who Don’t Go to Camp

We just like what we do better than the option of going to camp!


There are plenty of reasons why girls don’t go to camp, and we don’t know all of them, but guess what’s not one of them? It’s not cuz we’re weird or socially off or have some major secret reason that we can’t go. We just like what we do better than the option of going to camp!


We don’t appreciate that somehow, going to camp has become the standard, and if a girl doesn’t go, people ask why. It makes more sense that if you have something to do at home (or just want a relaxing, low-key, flexible schedule!) you stay home, and going to camp is for girls who have nothing to do — like a Plan B, second resort. We think that staying home is ideal and feel bad for girls who are forced to leave home.


Some of us actually love school Shabbos, sleepovers, and other school-friend related getaways and events. Just because we don’t want to do it for four weeks straight doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it in smaller spurts.


Some of us just love being home with our families. Some of us enjoy being home enough that we don’t feel the need to have our parents spend thousands of dollars not to hear us complain that we’re bored. Some of us don’t appreciate sports, hikes, bugs, and critters, or the outdoors. Some of us like working and putting away money for later (or treating ourselves to fun extras because we worked hard for it!). Some of us get super homesick. Some of us have bad enough allergies that it’s just not worth it to go away and always be on high alert. Some of us have amazing reasons for wanting to be home and not go to camp… but we might not be interested in sharing them if you ask us.


We know that all you can talk about before you leave and after you get back is camp-camp-camp-camp-camp. Even though we made this choice, we still feel left out when it’s all our friends talk about. We’d love it if our friends could be more sensitive and also talk about other things when we’re around.


(Originally featured in Teen Pages, Issue 918)

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