Yisroel Besser: My most moving ‘Abie Lyric’

But most of all tell me, for I cannot see, Is there G-d in heaven, does He know of me? from “Little Kite” [Journeys 2].


bie touches gufei hashkafah in an almost whimsical way, but expresses the fact that not only is there a Master, but that it’s personal, that yes, Hakadosh Baruch Hu cares if I make a brachah or holds back from saying lashon hara. It’s like Abie climbed down into the souls of people and discovered their secret worry and wonder — and then, you go back and hear his call of “Hu manhig lechol haberu’im, vehu lavo asah oseh veya’aseh lechol hamaasim (from “Ani Maamin”) and you marvel at the whole picture he’s painted for us.

--Yisroel Besser

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Little Kite
Abie Rotenberg