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What is your instant gratification comfort food? 

Chocolate-covered almond butter stuffed dates with sea salt, frozen! Also apple cobbler (done right!) and caramel popcorn and hot chocolate chip cookies… 

—Rivki Rabinowitz  

I’m an old lady. I have a coffee and dip some biscotti into it. Pure happiness. 

—Esther Kurtz 

I would go with salty/ savory over sweet. Mine would probably be fries. 

—Chanie Nayman 

York Peppermint Patties. Strong mint relaxes me, and the dark chocolate surrounding it is a nice bonus! And apple cobbler. The only food in the world I can actually eat like half a pan of in one (longish) sitting. No caramel, no ice cream, no whipped cream; just straight up. The tarter the apples, the better. The crunchier the topping, the better. 

—Sarah Faygie Berkowitz 

Quality white chocolate… with milk chocolate following on its heel. And for my salty weak spot… the green package of Doritos. I can pound a whole bag myself.

 —Rivky Kleiman 

Homemade popcorn! 

—Miriam Pascal

I either want something cold or crunchy. So it’s either ice cream or really crunchy Mandelbroit. Or, better yet, dip the Mandelbroit into the ice cream! Yum! 

—Rorie Weisberg

In the winter, nothing beats a steaming cup of hot cocoa. To make it even richer, I drop in a few cubes of chocolate. 

—Bassi Gruen 

A Slurpee — with no close second. 🙂 

—Devorah Cohen  

(Originally featured in FamilyTable, Issue 668) 

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