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Warning Signs

Eli called his usual source of help, Jolly Solly. But Jolly Solly was just as baffled

Eli stood there, baffled. What was wrong with the animals today? They were behaving very strangely.

Take Gimpel the goat. Usually he danced around, trying to take a bite out of someone’s pants. Today he was trying to escape, and making frightened noises.

Manny the monkey was usually looking for some mischief. Today he was on the roof of Eli’s office, shaking with fear.

And Tuki the parrot! He usually flew around making sure all was under control. He was convinced Eli could not manage without his help. Today he was flapping his wings rapidly, and giving scared squeaks.

Eli walked up and down the animal center. He made soothing noises to calm the animals. But nothing helped. Something was very wrong.

Eli called his usual source of help, Jolly Solly. But Jolly Solly was just as baffled.

“How strange,” he said. “Have you made any changes lately?”

“None at all,” said Eli. “It’s been a normal week. I can’t think what’s making the animals so upset.”

“Hmm. I’ll call Mr. Faigelbaum, the famous bird expert,” said Jolly Solly. “Maybe he can  figure out what’s going on with Tuki. That will help us with the rest of the animals.”

Mr. Faigelbaum was called. What he said shocked both Jolly Solly and Eli.

He said he’d come across only two cases like this before. One in Singapore and one in the Swiss Alps. In both cases, the animals had shown unusual fear and unusual behavior.  Next came a severe  natural disaster . It seemed animals had a sort of sixth sense.

Mr. Faigelbaum said he predicted a heavy storm that night.

Eli listened in stunned silence. The weather was pleasant, only a light breeze blowing. There was barely a cloud in the sky. How could a heavy storm be on the way? And why hadn’t the news issued any warnings?

But Mr. Faigelbaum was sure. He told them to move the animals inside until the danger had passed.

And so, not long after, a parade was heading toward Sunny Lane. The people on the street stared in wonder.

In front was Gimpel the goat. He pulled a little carriage with Manny the monkey inside. Behind the carriage was Eli’s van, with as many animals as he could fit inside. Jolly Solly’s car was next. Pinny the peacock preened in a cage in back. And behind them all was Tuki the parrot. He flew above, carrying a large banner.

The banner warned that a huge storm was coming. Everyone should stay indoors that evening.

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 794)

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