Until The Day Comes

Songs that help Hatzolah volunteers realign to a place of calm in the storm — and give an infusion of courage to keep going


s the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect every corner of the Jewish world, flooding the lines of Hatzolah dispatchers, these past weeks have shown Hatzolah volunteers’ 24/7 fortitude and devotion in a crisis that has upended our collective sense of security. As these heroes return from those wrenching calls and try to retain a level of balance and stability in their own homes, is there a song or niggun that helps them realign to a place of calm in the storm — and gives an infusion of courage to keep going?

Until the Day Comes

I’d never focused on this song before, but the other day as I was running, Shwekey’s “A PERFECT WORLD” came up on my Shuffle playlist and the words seemed very apt for the current climate. The song talks about people around us in pain and suffering, longing for the day when it all goes away, hoping and praying for a perfect world where worries and fears are erased and the world is a happier place. Yes, there will be a time when we’ll be in a better place, all tzaros will be over, and Klal Yisrael will live in a perfect world. Corona has brought with it fear, anxiety and uncertainty, with people genuinely afraid for their lives and the lives of those close to them. These are hugely trying times, but our dispatchers and volunteers have stepped up to the mark in an amazing way.

Shloimie Richman, Hatzolah Northwest London (Golders Green)

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 807)



Perfect World
Yaakov Shwekey