1245 Spain

 Eliyahu Hanavi began to tell Reb Pinchas what he must do in order to retreive Eliezer.

“There is a map that you must follow very carefully. You must be the one to bring Eliezer back home. I cannot explain the intricate reasons why this must be so. Once you have located Eliezer and brought him back home there are three conditions that he must abide by for the rest of his life.”

“What are they?”

“He must never, ever disprove you in any matter. Even in learning Torah, he must not contradict you. The second condition is that he must also not contradict others. It may be hard for him to remain silent when others are not as brilliant as he is, but he must maintain his self-control and keep quiet.”

“My Eliezer is brilliant?”

“Oh, yes.” Eliyahu smiled. “He is quite a talmid chacham. He has been learning nonstop since he has been able to speak.”

Reb Pinchas felt his heart growing with pride and joy.

“And what is the last condition?”

Eliyahu’s face suddenly looked gravely serious.

“He must never travel over water. Please, Reb Pinchas, heed my warnings! If Eliezer breaks these conditions, I will be powerless to protect him from the consequences that will follow.”

Eliyahu stood up to leave.

“Wait, wasn’t there a map?”

Eliyahu smiled again. “Yes, but you won’t be traveling alone, Reb Pinchas. I’m giving the map to your traveling companion.”


“I’m so excited to be going with you!” Yonah hopped happily beside Reb Pinchas as they walked down the pathway leading to the gates of the city. “That old man back there gave me a map and he said I had to assist you in any way possible in finding Eliezer.”

“And I’m happy not to be traveling alone, old friend,” Reb Pinchas responded. He was still shaking from his encounter with Eliyahu Hanavi and the difficult experience of trying to tell Bracha that their child was still alive somewhere.

Yonah cranked open the city gates and gestured down the long road that led far beyond.

Reb Pinchas took a deep breath and tried to quell the fear inside him.

Yonah could see the worry on the older man’s face. “We will find your son, Rebbi. Don’t be afraid.”

“And if we are unworthy?”

“Those are the words of the satan!” Yonah cried, his voice echoing around them. “Hashem will help, just wait and see!”

“You are right, Yonah. A Yid must always believe that Hashem loves him and is always taking care of him.”

Together, side by side, the scholar and the pauper passed the city gates and began their adventure into the unknown.

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 749)