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The Orphans’ Mischief: Chapter 2

With barely any strength left, Yonatan entered the giant city and looked around for the orphans. He didn’t see them anywhere


Yonatan could not believe how big and complicated the world was.  There was so much to see and so many interesting people to meet on their way to the big marketplace.

“Aren’t you glad you came with us?” Aharon asked Yonatan as they stopped for the night in a forest clearing. “Just wait until you see the big city! It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.”

Yonatan spread out the comfortable blankets his father had packed for him and made himself comfortable on the forest floor. He fell into a deep, exhausted sleep.  When he awoke, the sun was shining through the treetops, and there was not a single soul with him.


His voice echoed around him. Only the birds chirped in response.

Fear stole into Yonatan’s heart. He was also confused. How in the world did they forget to wake him up and take him with them? He had been lying only a few feet away from Aharon!

He davened quickly, begging Hashem to lead him in the right direction, and then set off through the thick forest.

A voice kept inside his head kept telling him where to go.




His feet were aching from walking so much. He was accustomed to sitting beside his beloved Gemara night and day, not traversing the rocky roads of the countryside.

Before nightfall, he could hear the sounds of the city in the distance. He dragged himself up a huge hill and beheld the sight of the city walls. He had made it at last!

With barely any strength left, Yonatan entered the giant city and looked around for the orphans. He didn’t see them anywhere. Feeling like he was on the verge of collapsing, he rushed to the first doorway he saw and knocked loudly.

The person that answered was a tall, heavyset man with kind eyes. Most importantly, he was wearing a yarmulke.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m lost.  I was traveling together with friends and somehow, we got separated. I believe they are somewhere in the city. Can you help me find them?”

“Come inside, child, before you collapse.”

“Thank you.”

“My name is Akiva, by the way.”

“My name is Yonatan.”

Akiva led Yonatan to a table where his children were sitting and eating supper.

“Eat something, stay the night, and in the morning, we will search for your friends. I assume you and your friends traveled here for business?”


“The marketplaces are closed now. Tomorrow morning, first thing after davening, we’ll search for them.”

“Thank you.”

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 772)

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