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Teacher of the Week

The unsung heroes keeping it all together

This was the week in which our rebbeim, melamdim, and moros proved to be our greatest national asset, an army that swung into action and showed originality, strength, and determination to keep teaching Torah using screens, telephones, and worksheets dropped off at homes.

Across the world, parents marveled at the heroes — motivated not by money or honor — who reach neshamos every single day. An anonymous caller to Mishpacha’s office suggested a candidate for Rebbi of the Week: RABBI YISROEL WENICK, seventh-grade rebbi at Yeshiva Ketana of Passaic. When it became clear that his newly bar-mitzvahed talmidim would be davening alone, at home, Rabbi Wenick taught the halachah that when davening b’yechidus, it’s optimal to daven k’vasikin. And so, together both rebbi and talmidim phoned in their class conference number to usher in the new day, singing the tefillos out loud until they reached Shemoneh Esreh, when the sun came up to illuminate a world bursting with pure prayer.

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