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Take a Stand

"I definitely thought of Miss Schwartz when I wrote ‘Stand Up for Our Morahs'"

The moving lyrics by Miriam Israeli of the recently released single “LET’S STAND UP IN HONOR OF OUR MORAHS,” sung by Benny Freidman and composed by Yitzy Waldner, invite the audience to take a peek into the world of our girls’ schools, paying tribute to the teacher “who may not have letters that follow her name / yet she has mastered the art of connection... years down the line, you’ll still hear Morah say ‘that’s my student, oh what a gem’ ... For each mother and daughter within Klal Yisrael has a morah engraved on her heart.”

Miriam Israeli says she was inspired by some standout teachers of her own when asked to write an ode to those dedicated women who live this calling. “I was in sixth grade when my teacher, Miss Perri Schwartz (now Hecht) read a poem I had written,” Miriam remembers. “She was so excited by it that she sent me to read it to the principal. At the time, I was not confident about my own writing abilities, but a light went on in my brain at her enthusiastic reaction. I think I started writing rhyme as a result of that encouragement.

I definitely thought of Miss Schwartz when I wrote ‘Stand Up for Our Morahs.’ Not only that, but I had many wonderful morahs over the years. While working on this concept, I also thought of Rebbetzin Braunstein and all the incredible teachers who shaped me during my years at BYA high school, and gave me a love of Torah that made such a difference to my life. None of them preached, they just taught, and gave us an incredibly positive example.”

Miriam, who was herself a teacher for 15 years, created the title based on the customary standing up when a morah enters the room, a familiar building block from the classroom scene that resonates within graduates of our yeshivah systems worldwide.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 896)

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