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Slice of Spring

Styling by Goldie Stern
Photography by Felicia Perretti

Shavuos is the perfect time to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the world that Hashem created for us. We surround ourselves with the lushness of the natural world by decorating our homes and shuls with flowers and plants. We can also serve an unforgettable dairy meal and create great memories around a beautifully designed tablescape!

Countryside Feel

For this table, I wanted to transport my guests to the French countryside. I brought this vision to life with the crisp blue and white layered toile patterns, fresh lemons, and chinoiserie vases, reminiscent of the exquisite landscape and lemon groves of the region. All of the details contribute to the outdoor feel and welcome in the beauty of Hashem’s world!

“All-Nighter Kit”

I like to personalize my table ideas with something specific to the theme of the Yom Tov. This “all-nighter” kit has everything you need to stay up through a night of learning or to recharge the next day.

Menu Fun

The printed menus on glassine bags for each baguette adds a twist of fun and creativity to the overall look.

Cheesecake Box

As a final send-off, I wanted to send my guests home with individual cheesecakes in creative packaging. I incorporated a lemon design into the cake box to continue the cohesive theme throughout.


Tablecloths courtesy of Table Tops, 347-893-9221 or 917-697-0039, tabletops1, tablesettings@gmail.com.

Flowers courtesy of Primrose Floral Design, primroseny, 929-376-9815, Info@primrosenewyork.com.

Dishes, flatware, glasses, chargers, and chairs courtesy of Luxe Event, 718-629-6909, www.luxeeventrentals.com, @luxeeventrentals.

Place cards, labels, and menus courtesy of The Stamp Studio, thestampstudio, 732-281-7088, design@thestampstudio.com.


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 793)

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