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Ready to Launch 

The startup world is all about getting the most eyes on the latest products — and then turning those eyes into loyal customers, of course. We gathered some of the buzziest items on the market right now that promise to make you your best, most efficient self.

Smart Health Cushion 

$199; darma.co 

Are you sitting for this? You can finally prioritize your health, while prepping for your 9 a.m. status meeting. Darma is the first smart cushion that monitors your health while you work. Literally sit back and relax while the cushion uses smart sensing technology to assess your posture, monitor your sitting habits and length of sedentary periods, and measures your stress. Updated through the Darma app, the cushion alerts you to meet your goals through vibrations, and redirects you to the app for instructional stretching videos, vital signs, and stress reports.

Reusable Smart Notebook 

$27; getrocketbook.com

 Psychologists have long argued for the value of writing notes by hand rather than typing them. With this Smart Notebook, you can handwrite all the information you need without losing the convenience of having it stored digitally. The Rocketwave Smart Notebook can upload your notes to Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Box, and e-mail. The coolest part? To erase your pad, you toss this book in the microwave. No, we’re not kidding.

Muse Meditation Headband 

$199; choosemuse.com

 Whether you’re working on davening with dveikus or learning to live more mindfully, the Muse meditation headband will give you actionable goals. By measuring your neurofeedback, this program allows you to review the success of your meditation sessions and set goals based on this information. With the Muse app on your phone, you are able to guide your meditations with music or nature sounds, which adjust based on the strength of your practice; when calm, users hear peaceful sounds, but when your mind wanders, the weather sounds intensify, guiding you back to a calm state.

Portable Projector 

$100; amazon.com 

For documentary enthusiasts or superstar teachers, the ability to project video instantly is a silver-screen dream. Captivate your family or your whole classroom with this mini portable projector by sharing your phone or computer screen with a USB connection. While some streaming services may be protected from viewing, TOPVISION is an important educational tool and can take presentations to the next level.

Portable Mini-Humidifier 

$30; satechi.net 

Frequent travelers may find that staying hydrated and healthy is difficult when transitioning between cities, altitudes, and sleeping environments. This portable minihumidifier turns any water bottle into a device for cold and sinus relief, and adds welcome moisture to the air just by connecting through a USB.

 App Store 

Health and Fitness The app store can be an overwhelming place, so we’re saving you scrolling time by highlighting some of our favorites that can really make a difference in your life. This month, we’re focusing on fitness. Try these digital resources.

The Speed Workout 

In seven minutes you could send two e-mails or schedule a meeting. With the 7-Minute Workout app, you could meet your fi tness goals in just as much or little time. According to research from the app’s creators, as published by American College of Sports Medicine, high-intensity circuit training (HICT) exercise in seven-minute sessions as often as possible during the week is just as effective as occasional 60-minute aerobic workouts. For just $3.99, the app offers 12 exercises at high-intensity to maximize your time and increase your memetabolism long after your workout.

The Habit Tracker 

Live your best life with Streaks, which quite literally allows you to track your streaks — the good and the bad. Whether you’re trying to incorporate positive practices in your routine or break habits that no longer serve you, Streaks provides the infrastructure for change. For anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle, the app syncs with Apple’s iOS Health app to track fi tness and vital-sign data. The app allows users to set up to 12 goals at a time, which are all accessible by phone or Apple Watch. Alerts to complete goal tasks transfer across platforms, and the goal’s streak extends when you complete the task to become a new habit. The app costs $4.99, but the payoff of building new positive habits could be well worth it.

(Originally featured in 2.0, Issue 6)

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