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Put Groceries away in Bins?

After you stock up on groceries, do you decant half the items into bins and containers before putting them away in your pantry?


Yes, of course. I love how the pantry looks that way, and it stays so much neater!



No, are you crazy? Why would I give myself all that extra work?



When I had an organizer do my kitchen, she color-coded my Bisslis and put them neatly in bins. It looked amazing, but lasted one day.

L. A.

I consider it a win if I manage to unpack the groceries before collapsing, so no, nice acrylic containers are out of the question.

M. B.


A pantry definitely looks gorgeous when everything is in bins and containers. However, only attempt it if you plan to upkeep, or you will end up with a pantry full of empty bins and containers and food in the packages they came in. There’s nothing messier than that!


Yes, I do repackage my groceries into those matching containers. It sounds like it’s a job but I honestly find that it helps keep my pantry neater. And besides, it’s so much more motivating to keep something neat when it looks good — as opposed to shelves full of half-eaten snacks closed with twist ties!



(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 879)

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