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Packaging Made Pretty

Sometimes presentation is key, and translates into a mishloach manos that can be filled with store-bought items that are easy to obtain and package.


“Wood” Be Lovely!

I found these adorable wooden pieces in the wood aisle at Hobby Lobby. Glue them to any box, wooden crate, or bag for a creative packaging idea.


Sack Packaging

Here are three ideas using burlap or muslin bags to package your mishloach manos. I love how they’re all so versatile. Roll up your sleeves, fire up your imagination, and let the fun begin!

Rubber Stamping

Get creative and customize your packaging with rubber stamps. From lettering in different fonts and sizes to pictures that can be cute or sophisticated to different color ink pads, the sky’s the limit. Visit your local craft store for different options, or look for rubber stamps on Amazon. Burlap and muslin bags are a great blank slate for stamping!


Wrap a band around any size bag for a nice, neat look.

Colorful Burlap Bags

Add a label to colored burlap bags for a sharp look that can go with any theme. These colorful burlap bags are available on Amazon or at Amazing Savings.


Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes have taken the packaging industry by storm. The high level of customization you can give them makes these boxes not only super functional but also fun to use. Here are two ideas using kraft, one a box that you can fill as you wish, and the other a chocolate bar wrapped in kraft paper. Of course, you can change them up however you’d like.

Flower Box

You will need:
  • kraft box, any size
  • Mason jar stamp (available from Amazon)
  • black stamp pad
  • baby’s breath
  • twine
  • mini tag

Stamp the box with the rubber stamp. Tie a piece of twine around a small piece of baby’s breath and glue to the box using a glue gun. Attach a mini tag.

Chocolate Bar

You will need:
  • chocolate bar wrapped in kraft paper
  • 2-inch strip of black paper
  • label
  • mini black clothespin or twine (available from craft stores)
  • sprig of rosemary

Wrap the black paper around the kraft box. Attach the label and tie on the rosemary with twine, or attach the rosemary to the label with the mini clothespin.


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 781)

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