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Pack Your Bags

Twenty-first century luggage is all about the high-tech and smart features that transform luggage from simple suitcases to almost anything you need it to be!

Bugaboo Boxer

This is not the most high-tech suitcase, but it’s definitely one of the most stylish and useful. The maker of the world’s favorite stroller presents its solution to cumbersome luggage.

Push, don’t pull is the idea behind this very expensive luggage system. The front wheels are positioned in a way that makes it easy to push the suitcase instead of pulling it behind you, which is good news for your back.

You know that awful feeling you get as you stand on line at airport security and realize that your liquids, which you’ll need to remove in order to be allowed on the plane, are way down at the bottom of your suitcase? The Boxer carry-on has an Organizer that attaches to the back of the suitcase. It’s large enough to hold a laptop, other small electronic devices, and your travel-sized liquids. No need to open your carry-on for all the world to see. Just detach the Organizer and march smartly through the metal detector.

Just like any Bugaboo stroller, the Boxer comes with a chassis (the frame — don’t pronounce the last “s”). The chassis is a trolley that holds all the suitcases that are part of the Boxer range. You load the travel case — the large suitcase — onto the chassis and then simply click the carry-on onto the travel case. The chassis means that the travel case doesn’t need any wheels, which makes it lighter.

Like the Bugaboo strollers, the Bugaboo Boxer puts practicality and style first. And like the strollers, there’s a hefty price tag attached.


As many a traveler will tell you, there’s almost nothing worse than finally arriving at your destination only to have to unpack without enough closet space. ShelfPack suitcase to the rescue! The ShelfPack is exactly what it sounds like. Hidden in a regular suitcase is a collapsible frame that holds four shelves. To pack, you lift the shelves out of the suitcase and lay your neatly folded clothes on the shelves. The sides of the shelves have large pockets which are handy for smaller bits and bobs. Then simply collapse the shelves back into the suitcase and you’re good to go. When you arrive at your destination, unzip your suitcase, raise the shelves, and you’ve unpacked!

That’s great news for people who travel with a handful of T-shirts and few pairs of jeans. But not so great for those with hat and shtreimel boxes.

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 773)

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