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Name Your Napkin

Text and Styling by Esther Ottensoser
Photography by Sina Mizrahi

Enhance your Yom Tov table with these classy leather napkin rings/seating cards. Choose from assorted colors and widths of leather straps and ribbons, and your Seder table will have a face-lift with almost no effort required. And best part, they will last throughout the whole Yom Tov!


Leather Napkin Rings
You will need:
  • leather or faux leather straps on a roll, available at your local craft or sewing store and on Amazon
  • scissors
  • paint markers
  • ribbon

Cut pieces of leather to approximately 2 inches. Cut off corners, if desired (as seen in the photo).

Fold the leather in half in the width and cut a slit on the fold about 1412 inch from either end. This will be the hole for the ribbon.

Using a paint marker, write names on the leather. Allow to dry.

Slide a length of ribbon through the back of each name tag.

Once the name tags are ready, either place the ribbon behind a folded napkin or tie a bow around a rolled-up napkin.


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 835)

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