Mi LaShem Elai | מי להשם אלי

Moshiach's Battlecry!

It is only natural to think about Hashem in terms of what He can do for us. But the tzaddikim who were sent to prepare am Yisrael for the days of Mashiach teach that a shift of perspective is in order. They write that the time has come for us to reclaim a national mission that centers around what we can do for Him, to transform this world into a "dirah b'tachtonim" — a dwelling place for Hashem in the lower realms — by finding His presence in every facet of our daily lives. Mi LaShem reflects the call that echoes in every Jewish heart, filling our wondrous generation with the strength to accomplish our collective task. Let's join together in looking up to the heavens. With our hearts bursting with courage and pride, let's declare as one, "Hashem, we are here for You!"

מי להשם אלי
ספר שמות פרק לב פסוק כו

Artist Zusha
Composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Produced and Arranged by Levyticus & Zechariah Goldschmied


לר״ש ‏יחיאל מאיר בן משה

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 873)

Mi LaShem Elai
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