Mevakshei Hashem | מבקשי השם

We're Searching for You!

What is it that fills a Yid's heart with joy? Where is the elusive fountain of his deepest pleasure? Mevakshei Hashem, composed by chevra from a shul of the same name under the leadership of Rav Yussie Zakutinski shlita, captures the answer. "Yismach lev," there is no spirit of joy, vibrancy, and satisfaction like that enjoyed by "mevakshei Hashem," Yidden who experience all of life as a passionate journey toward Hashem's embrace, who search for and succeed in finding His love everywhere. The track's arrangements match the tenor of this quest, beginning with deep, contemplative moments of inner reflection and picking up speed to culminate in ecstatic flight toward our Father in Heaven, carried on the wings of this captivating niggun. This is the message of Kahal Mevakshei Hashem, and this is the intention of this special album — to facilitate the journey of mevakshei Hashem everywhere and to awaken the seeker within us all.

ישמח לב מבקשי השם
תהלים פרק קה פסוק ג

Artist Joey Newcomb
Composed by The Blumstein Brothers, RM
Produced by Mendy Portnoy


לע״נ הרה"ק ר’ שלמה בן חיים חייקל זיע"א לע״נ
ר׳משה אלעזר בן ר׳ נטע שלום

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 873)

Mevakshei Hashem
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