Off the Couch Wednesday November 7, 2018

An Honest Shidduch

“Baruch Hashem I’m cured, and this will be my secret”

Counter Point Wednesday December 25, 2019

Why Risk Shidduchim?

The conversation about the uneven nature of the shidduch process has drawn sustained and significant feedback. A new batch of letters is featured here

Open Mic Wednesday November 20, 2019

Why Risk Shidduchim?

Something has to change so that women don’t become so disillusioned that they simply choose to give up

Counter Point Wednesday February 17, 2021

Shidduch Photos: A Necessary Evil?  

"Are the areas of holiness and tzniyus to be left only for the chassidim? Do we in the yeshivah world not value them as well?"

Step 1 Tuesday September 29, 2020

First Date, Broken Plate

 Today they’re household names, but it started with a leap of faith: "I’d go over to one or two guys a night, introduce myself, and just say, 'Hi, I’m a shadchan, can I help you?' ...

Light Years Away Tuesday June 29, 2021

Light Years Away: Chapter 23 

They promised her, and they’ve done all they could to make it happen, but now their way forward is blocked

LifeLines Wednesday January 17, 2018

Hungry for Support

“You know how our community is,” he said. “And you have to think about what this will mean for your other children’s shidduchim

Talk Back Thursday June 4, 2020

Stop the Single-Shaming

"One thing most definitely does need fixing. And that is the absence of empathy and respect for an entire demographic"

Inbox Tuesday March 14, 2023

Inbox: Issue 953

“Kudos to Mrs. Zelcer for so eloquently encapsulating the struggle that many of us singles face, and striving to fortify us with chizuk and growth through Penimi”