Magazine Feature
From behind his new pulpit at the OU, Rabbi Moshe Hauer connects to the whole crowd

By Yisroel Besser

The Beat
Is more conflict in store for Israel’s northern border?

By Mishpacha Staff

The Current
As the legal battle for Alta Fixsler’s life runs out of road, her father pleads for her virtual imprisonment to end

By Gedalia Guttentag

The Current
How a powerful, vindictive Andrew Cuomo bullied Jewish activists into submission

By Yochonon Donn

"They aren’t all 'going off' the derech. Some of them were never on it to begin with"

By Mishpacha Readers

For the Record
The visit of Rav Moshe (among other gedolim) was the brainchild of Dr. Shimon Askovitz

By Dovi Safier and Yehuda Geberer

The Moment
A profound message about goals, about the season, and about the deepest bonds in the world

By Mishpacha Staff

The Moment
"Ribbono shel Olam, allow us to daven to You the way we are used to…”

By Mishpacha Staff

Text Messages
Perhaps this year, the shofar has a message for us beyond a general call to teshuvah

By Eytan Kobre

Family First Inbox
"I’ve come to ask myself the very questions you so pointedly spelled out: Maybe I’m getting over-involved? Maybe I’m neglecting my children?”

By Family First Readers

Friendship Fix
The best way to end the conversation without making an issue or insulting anyone is to subtly change the topic

By Shoshana Itzkowitz

Dream On
Raising her voice, ZeeZee said, “Y’know what we’re really missing in Shvilei? Real, honest discussion”

By Gila Arnold