Works for Me
Using informational interviews as a way of trying to get a job is misleading, and will possibly have the opposite effect

By Shaina Keren

Magazine Feature
For over half a century, Rav Moshe Heinemann has set the bar high on kashrus, as head of STAR-K and as a foremost authority in the ever-more-complex field of kosher certification

By Eytan Kobre

Magazine Feature
Rav Shammai Zahn nurtured a generation of Sephardi gedolim whose influence was felt all over Europe and beyond. A reunion of memories after six decades

By Riki Goldstein

"May Hashem continue giving His nation tools to enhance and enrich Torah life, and the ability for us each to make the right choices in their use"

By Mishpacha Readers

The Beat
Mansour Abbas’s Islamist party, which won four seats in the pre-Pesach elections, could hand victory to Bibi or to his opponents

By Mishpacha Staff

The Soapbox
In the interesting times we live in, Kennan’s Long Telegram is back in vogue

By Gedalia Guttentag

Washington Wrap
Republican opponents reject Biden’s reforms out of hand

By Omri Nahmias

The Rose Report
Election reform might be the least of President Reuven Rivlin's worries right now

By Binyamin Rose

Text Messages
At its core, it was a tale about being stuck, hemmed in and unable to move

By Eytan Kobre

Family Diary
“It doesn’t matter what you say. I can’t un-hear everything he told me"

By Shani Leiman

From time to time, the glasses slipped off and the panorama became markedly different

By Pam Russ

Follow Me
You’re showing her that her father’s family exists, which is so important for her sense of self, for a healthy upbringing

By Esty Heller

A Heaping Scoop

By FamilyTable Contributors

It’s not just tragedy that causes kiddush Hashem, but any personal or communal struggle

By Faigy Peritzman