Point of View
Rosh Hashanah celebrates true Jewish liberty

By Rabbi Moshe Grylak zt"l

One short learning session triggers huge changes

By Yonoson Rosenblum

Shul with a View
Weight is painful enough; why add to the agony?

By Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

10 Questions
How to have your year in Israel when low on cash

By Rachel Bachrach

Magazine Feature
For Rabbi Abie Iktin, summer's end means one thing: it's Elul, and he’s off to bring his lost brothers a taste of Yom Tov spirit

By Eytan Kobre

Abraham Leib Berenstein was living a glamorous life, jetting around the world as a ski instructor and movie stuntman, unti ...

By Barbara Bensoussan

Magazine Feature
With 50 percent of all businesses failing before their fourth birthday, start-ups need mentors like bees need honey

By Sara Glaz

Magazine Feature
Ofer Langer was an Israel Air Force commander living a double life. The day he decided to put on his kippah, everyth ...

By Shlomi Gil

When Yosef came home, my complaints would start. “I can’t take another minute of this! Here’s the baby. I haven’t sat ...

By C. Saphir

All jumbled up with borer

By Rabbi Doniel Neustadt

Magazine Feature
I’ve lost patience because I’ve allowed the Internet to become a central feature in my life. There, I said it. It’s ...

By Atira Rappaport

Family Tempo
Miss Reiner explains that Planning is what Real Authors do before they write, and Good Writers make a plan for their ...

By Rachelli Saffir

Learning Curve
Aviva’s mother surprises her with a visit. When the facilitator of Suri’s social groups for the elderly cancels at the ...

By Gila Arnold

Jewish Geography
What Trump and Clinton can learn from Ike Eisenhower

By Binyamin Rose